Dear sports friends!
Getting to work on plans for collection of pigeons. So far, we have four terms.

5.4. - 7.4. 2019 Germany, Norway, Belgium, Netherland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic - along the route
6.4. 2019 Langgöns - Germany

19.4. - 20.4. 2019 Austria + Italy at Mr. Pietro Celli in Sala Bolognese
27.4. - 28.4. 2019 Moravia + Slovakia + Hungary

10.5. - 12.5. 2019 Germany, Norway, Belgium, Netherland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic - along the route
11.5. 2019 Langgöns - Germany

18.5. - 19.5. 2019 Moravia + Slovakia + Hungary

The plans will be refined.

Bohdana a Standa Matuska



The exhibitions in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia ended (12.1.) few days ago. Hereby, the sales of 2018 doves were finished and our OLR Talent Quatro enters the next year. We will calculate the shares from the auction sales within the next few days and send them to the original owners of the doves. This will definitely finish the year 2018.

As all of you know, I am recovering after the relatively serious disease that has caused various difficulties. But, all of them were solved, especially thanks to my wife Bohdana, with strong help of my daughter Bohdana and her husband Jiří and, of course, of my son Jan. I can Mohu state that we have managed to create and realise the auction in line with your comments. Also our Polish colleague created excellent pictures.

Now, the year 2019 is before us. What will be different? Concerning the training procedures and routes, they will remain, practically, the same. But, we have decided to increase the prizes at the same starting fee. The amount on the top places are not in question, we are speaking about the amounts for the winnings of shorter races and in the As-Dove Award.

1.000.000 CZK for

Hereby, we have reached the one million Czech crones threshold. This amount will be paid to the best of you. This is, surely, motivating. You can send your applications for 2019 just now. We will organise, at the same time, the Talent Quatro King Championship for the Czech and Slovak breeders. The first two winners were from Slovakia and this is a challenge for the Czech breeders.
Good luck in 2019

Bohdana and Standa Matuška