All pigeons that have returned back to the loft Talent Quatro will be offered in 26 auction phases for a price of 40 EUR each.
TOP pigeones will be offered in phases 1 and 2. All other pigeons sorted alphabetically according to team name will be offered in the following auction phases.
Due to the high number of pigeons, the pedigrees and photos will continually be added.
Thank you for understanding.

Delivery of auctioned pigeons
1. Kassel
Pigeons auctioned before October 24, 2018, can be delivered to pigeon event in Kassel (Germany). You can find us in booth no. 280, on Saturday, October 27. Payment in cash. Delivery costs 10 EUR per pigeon.
Please contact us by email if you are interested in this delivery:
2. Delivery to Poland
Pigeons will be delivered with Poczta Polska to given address. Cash on delivery. Exactly like the previous year. Postage according to Poczta Polska tarrifs.
3. Meeting of masters Hluk
Pigeons auctioned before November 7, 2018, can be delivered to Hluk on November 10. Payment in cash.
4. Individual pick up
At any time after agreement, payment in cash.
5. Final delivery
Due to the high number of auctioned pigeons, delivery to addresses in Germany, Belgium, Netherland, Czech republic, Slovakia and Austria will be managed after the end of all auction phases.
We will request full price when purchasing the pigeon. This also applies when purchasing your own pigeon. Billing of shares will be performed after the end of all auctions and pigeon deliveries. Detailed billing will be send to your email and corresponding financial amounts to your bank accounts.
Good luck in auctions!
Bohdana a Standa Matuškovi

Auction on the www.talent-quatro is coming near

We will make pictures of all auctioned doves on 24.-26. September 2018. The doves are resting now; they are well fed and taking bath. They are becoming many good things to eat, to ensure the grooving of excellent feathers and you like them on pictures. The pictures will be placed as soon as possible into the auction on Please, be patient, we have to make pictures of 750 doves.
We will notice the term of auction on time, till then, you can register yourself.


At 7:00. Clear, calm, 14°C. Pigeons flew without hesitation in the right direction.
Good flight !

Bohdana a Standa Matuska


FINAL - 12.9. 2018

Dear sports friends,
the final race will be on Wednesday 12.9. 2018. We open the Talent Quatro area at 9:00. Refreshment is ready, the sale of products for pigeons is provided by Fauna Hradil.

Come on. We look forward to you!
Bohdana and Standa Matuska

Basketing pigeons 11.9. from 11:00 pm. *** Košování 11.9. od 11:00 hodin.

Travel information

Prices are informative
Airport Praha:
At Prague airport you have two choices for transport to the Prague main railway station
(in czech Praha Hlavni nadrazi)

1) Taxi
From Vaclav Havel Airport Ruzyne To: Main Railway Station Approximate price 576 CZK
(21 eur). Time 25 minutes.

2) AE - airport Express Bus
Price 60 CZK (2.2 eur) / person. Time 33 minutes.

Railway Praha:
At Prague main railway station "Praha hlavni nadrazi" you must find right train.
Connection finder for all public connections in Czech Rep.

Switch finder to trains only and insert this:
From: "Praha hl.n." To: "Olomouc" or "Šternberk"

Route will be allways: Prague to Olomouc (fast train - 250km), and Olomouc to Šternberk (local train - 14km).
Olomouc–Šternberk = Better is taxi to the address Šternberk, Unicovska 63 + 200 m follow after the road = Talent Quatro.

Between Prague and Olomouc runs three transportion companies:
- Ceske Drahy (CD), prefix in train number Os, R, Ex, IC, SC (seat reservation is mandatory - higher price)
- Leo Express - prefix LE
- Regio Jet - prefix RJ

Ticket you can buy at rail station (there is offices for all three companies) or via Internet:

Accommodations – ubytování:

PENSION VĚŽKA - strategically located just a 300 m walk from Talent Quatro
Uničovská 2149/99
785 01 Šternberk
Česká republika
Map of location
+420 585 012 262 (recepce)
+420 604 199 911 (non-stop)

Ořechová 15
785 01 Šternberk
Map of location
+420 585 013 355

Čechova 11
785 01 Šternberk
Map of location
+420 585 011 742

Points of Interest:




Map of location



The weather conditions of this year cause several issues. We trained pigeons during July which was characterized by extremely high temperatures. The training was succesful anyway. Although the typical temperatures in August are milder, this year seems to be an exception.
In addition to continuing high temperatures, the magnetic field of the Earth is strong and unstable. That was the reason why race from
Tvrdonice was that hard. An upcoming race Zohor seems to be affected by fluctuating magnetic field as well. We hope to start on Wednesday
22nd August 2018.

Cooler weather should come by the end of the week. This is good although strong wind from the North will come. This will be less serious in Bohemia than in Moravia where it impacts in full strength from Poland to Slovakia and further to the South. Therefore I cannot guarantee that the date of final race will remain unchanged. Please keep watching to stay updated.

Stanislav Matuska



We have received more than 1500 doves and another, already 5th season of One Loft Race Talent Quatro competition, is in front of us. It is a part of international FCI championship. Thus, we will celebrate a small jubilee. We have got many experiences during this time. One has to say that there were predominantly positive experiences.

We have covered about 11,000 kilometres through Europe this year. We came, for the first time, to Italy for the young doves. We are convinced that the personal contact is very important in our job. Few comments were received during the personal discussions and we have decided to accept them from this year.

The most important comment, just from two places, relies to the auction of the doves after the final race. Under the actual system, the doves were photographed in few groups and if more doves from one fancier came back, they were offered in different auction stages. Next, the complete auction took long time and was timely very fragmented. There are two basic requirements to us. The first is to finish the auction in such a way that there is possible to transport quickly the auctioned doves to the doves fair in Kassel, Germany. In this year, it takes place on 27.– 28.10. 2018. It is very hard requirement having in mind that the final races should take place on Tuesday, 11 September 2018.

How to solve it? Taking photos of the doves must be realised within one week after the final race and all doves must be photographed at once. This system also allows fulfilling the second requirement: to offer all arrived doves of one fancier in line. If we announce to the fancier, when will be offered his doves, he can arrange his own promotion on the web. This will allow to increase the demand and, of course, the price too.

The last comment was that the used Polish auction portal is not able to serve to all interested persons, is too slow and even stops some times. These facts influence uncomfortable the interest of buyers and, to the contrary, decreases the price. We consider that it is solid to inform this portal about all mentioned requirements. Thus, if we will agree, depends on them. But, at the same time, we work actively on different option of selling and we have many positive reactions and technical solutions. Our aim is speed and increasing of financial shares of the original owners of the doves.

OLR Talent Quatro is in good condition and therefore, we have decided, to extend the prizes of final race. This modification relies to the doves arriving on place 31 to 50. The original award of 50 € will increase to 70 €. Quite newly, the doves arriving on place 51 to 100 will be awarded by 30 €. All prizes will be paid immediately.

We will improve this year by camera system. We will transmit on-line the arrivals of your young doves from all trainings and races. A lot of work is in front of us, but we enjoy it. We are looking forward to your visit of the final race. But, you can come to any race. You will be welcomed.

Bohdana and Standa Matuška



Dear sports friends.
We've sent you a draft draft plan 2018 to your email addresses.

We look forward to your answers.
Standa Matuska



Dear sports friends!
Getting to work on plans for collection of pigeons. So far, we have four terms.

29.3. - 31.3. 2018 Germany, Belgium, Netherland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic - along the route
19.4. - 20.4. 2018 Austria + Italy at Mr. Pietro Celli in Sala Bolognese
26.4. - 28.4. 2018 Germany, Belgium, Netherland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic - along the route
4.5. - 6.5. 2018 Slovakia, Hungary

The plans will be refined.

Bohdana a Standa Matuska