Dear sports fans,
The situation associated with the coronavirus pandemic has significantly improved. Thanks to this, it was possible to update the data for the collection of young pigeons on the Talent Quatro. We now present their shape.

27. 5. 2020 POLAND
Direct transport of pigeons to the Czech Republic. Details are given.

30.5. 2020 SLOVAKIA II.
A classic collection of pigeons, which we produce in our own car.

31.5. 2020 HUNGARY
Handing over of pigeons in Brno.

Details will be published in advance. We are also happy to welcome new applicants who decide at the last minute.

Bohdana and Standa Matuska



The situation associated with covid-19 is slowly but surely easing. For this reason, we will follow the original propositions.
Whether the state borders are released, so we can wait for another quarter of a year and it will not affect the activity of OLR Talent Quatro. If the border is not released, we will use kilometers in the Czech Republic. The maximum is 370 kilometers.

Happy Easter

Bohdana and Stanislav Matuska



Due to the spread of COVID - 19 measures were taken in the Czech Republic and throughout the European Union.
This will cancel the some dates listed below for import of young pigeons. We will change them according to the current situation.
It is no problem for our OLR to import pigeons in May and June.
Breeders from the Czech Republic can bring young pigeons from the beginning of April. Unless the situation changes. Expect more information after 11.4. 2020.

Stanislav Matuska

2.4. 2020 * CANCELED

2.4. - 5.4. 2020 * CANCELED
Germany, Belgium, Holland, on the way back to Bohemia.

4.4. 2020 Germany FCI Langgöns * CANCELED
Belgium, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Croatia, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Greece, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain, Ukraine and others.

Rüsselsheim, Hirschau

6.5. 2020

cca 15.5. 2020
Germany - East

End of May 2020
Marco Gratzer, Dietmar Halatschek, Franz Rötzer

Others - Poland, Hungary etc ..
Regularly every Wednesday from 10:00 am, or by agreement .
Area OLR Talent Quatro Sternberk



Dear sport friends.
We are preparing already the 7th year of the international young dove race in the One Loft Race Talent Quatro, incorporated into the FCI Championship. But, this year could be a little bit different, because it is linked with the “7” Number. We know the topics as seven deadly sins, Seven Wonders of the World, Magnificent Seven, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. The first legend says that the world was created within six days and the seventh day, when the God rested, is considered as extraordinary. The ancient myth also says that the seventh child in the family will be the happiest. At this time of young families, this myth has no big importance.
But, in any case, the Seven is a magic number, use to be considered by our culture as the happy number. We, the doves’ fanciers, are touched by the myth that the happiness and important occasions use to take place within the seven years cycles and every seventh year comes up to a change. Thus, the majority of us have a chance in 2020. Thus, test the magic Seven and take place on the 7th international Talent Quatro race.

Why Talent Quatro?
Although we are relatively known facility of the One Loft Race type in the Europe, many of our direct participants do not know why the world Quatro in our name. The reason is simple. We are the single one in the world, as our races are started from four, therefore Quatro, EU countries. From Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. This fact seem interesting to us and therefore had been incorporated directly into our name.

Final race 2020
We will be happy, if you take part personally on the final race. Many of you have already visited Šternberk and know that many other interesting things could be seen here, not only the final race. We have beautiful castle here, church and very original time. You can drive through the uphill Ecce Homo race, European Championship race. You can reach the large and nice Zoo within 15 minutes, you can visit also the Olomouc town with many UNESCO sights of historic interest. Many accommodation capacities exist in Šternberk, but the strategic one for our purposes seems to be the Věžka Pension. Its distance to OLR Talent Quatro is only 10 minutes by foot and it is nonstop open. Very suitable for the possible victory celebration! The quality of accommodation is solid here. Another possibilities and details will be available on our web page.

Bohdana & Standa Matuska