All pigeons that have returned back to the loft Talent Quatro will be offered in 29 auction phases for a price of 40 EUR each. TOP pigeones will be offered in phase 1. All other pigeons sorted alphabetically according to team name will be offered in the following auction phases.
Due to the high number of pigeons, the pedigrees and photos will continually be added. Thank you for understanding.
EXCHANGE RATES: 100 EUR = 2.500 Kč, 100 EUR = 436 PLN. Valid for the entire auction

Delivery of auctioned pigeons
1. Kassel
Pigeons auctioned before October 23, 2019, that is stages 1. - 7., can be delivered to pigeon event in Kassel (Germany). You can find us in booth no. 069, on Saturday, October 26. Payment in cash. Delivery costs 10 EUR per pigeon.
Please contact us by email if you are interested in this delivery:
2. Delivery to Poland
Pigeons will be delivered with Poczta Polska to given address. Cash on delivery. Exactly like the previous year. Postage according to Poczta Polska tarrifs. Payment in PLN according to the exchange rate 100 EUR = 436 PLN.
3. Meeting of masters Hluk
Pigeons auctioned before November 6, 2019, can be delivered to Hluk on November 9. 2 eur/50 Kč/1 pigeon. Payment in cash (Kč, Eur).
4. Dortmund exhibition
You can find us in Tribunenestand for FCI Grand Prix OLR´s, on Saturday, January 4. 2020. Payment in cash. Delivery costs 20 EUR per pigeon. Please contact us by email if you are interested in this delivery:
5. Individual pick up
At any time after agreement, payment in cash.
6. Final delivery
Due to the high number of auctioned pigeons, delivery to addresses in Germany (not north), Belgium, Netherland and Austria - 20 euro/1 pigeon, will be managed after the end of all auction phases.
We will request full price when purchasing the pigeon. This also applies when purchasing your own pigeon. Billing of shares will be performed after the end of all auctions and pigeon deliveries. Corresponding financial amounts will be sent to your bank accounts.
You can find detailed billing on your profile. The passwords were sent in the summer.

Good luck in auctions!
Bohdana a Standa Matuškovi



We will make pictures of all auctioned doves on 27.-29. September 2019. The doves are resting now; they are well fed and taking bath. They are becoming many good things to eat, to ensure the grooving of excellent feathers and you like them on pictures. The pictures will be placed as soon as possible into the auction on Please, be patient, we have to make pictures of 800 doves.

In the first stage we will offer TOP pigeons. These can be brought to Kassel International Markets - Stand 069 (next to Eijerkamp).
Then we continue alphabetically. As in 2018.

We will notice the term of auction on time, till then, you can register yourself.

We also add pigeons who are returning these days. After clicking on your name you will see a list of delivered pigeons. Those in the pigeon house have a house symbol next to their name. Send the pedigrees of all your pigeons.

Bohdana and Standa Matuska


FINALE 11.9. 2019

Dear sports friends,
the final race will be on Wednesday 11.9. 2019. We open the Talent Quatro area at 9:00. Refreshment is ready, the sale of products for pigeons is provided by Fauna Hradil.

Come on. We look forward to you!
Bohdana and Standa Matuska

Basketing pigeons 10.9. from 11:00 pm. *** Košování 10.9. od 11:00 hodin.

Travel information

Prices are informative
Airport Praha:
At Prague airport you have two choices for transport to the Prague main railway station
(in czech Praha Hlavni nadrazi)

1) Taxi
From Vaclav Havel Airport Ruzyne To: Main Railway Station Approximate price 576 CZK
(21 eur). Time 25 minutes.

2) AE - airport Express Bus
Price 60 CZK (2.2 eur) / person. Time 33 minutes.

Railway Praha:
At Prague main railway station "Praha hlavni nadrazi" you must find right train.
Connection finder for all public connections in Czech Rep.

Switch finder to trains only and insert this:
From: "Praha hl.n." To: "Olomouc" or "Šternberk"

Route will be allways: Prague to Olomouc (fast train - 250km), and Olomouc to Šternberk (local train - 14km).
Olomouc–Šternberk = Better is taxi to the address Šternberk, Unicovska 63 + 200 m follow after the road = Talent Quatro.

Between Prague and Olomouc runs three transportion companies:
- Ceske Drahy (CD), prefix in train number Os, R, Ex, IC, SC (seat reservation is mandatory - higher price)
- Leo Express - prefix LE
- Regio Jet - prefix RJ

Ticket you can buy at rail station (there is offices for all three companies) or via Internet:

Accommodations – ubytování:

PENSION VĚŽKA - strategically located just a 300 m walk from Talent Quatro
Uničovská 2149/99
785 01 Šternberk
Česká republika
Map of location
+420 585 012 262 (recepce)
+420 604 199 911 (non-stop)

Ořechová 15
785 01 Šternberk
Map of location
+420 585 013 355

Čechova 11
785 01 Šternberk
Map of location
+420 585 011 742

Points of Interest:




Map of location



Today, 4.7. 2019, we ended the allocation of electronic rings. On Tuesday, July 9th, we plan the first short training flight. Depending on the weather, more training flights will follow. The 2019 season is just here! We will always inform you in time.

At the end of July, expect an email with your access password and your pigeon list. Check these documents.

We wish you much success

Bohdana and Standa Matuska



Dear sports friends,
yesterday, 26.6. 2019, we finished vaccination of all pigeons. The entire program consisted of two vaccinations against Newcastle disease and rotavirus, and one of the smallpox vaccine. This will be followed by the assignment of electronic rings and the start of training flights. The pigeon's condition is good.

We wish you much success

Bohdana and Standa Matuška



Dear sports friends and supporters.
I have to tell you that today, on Sunday 12.5. 2019 at 24:00 hours, the reception of pigeons ends. We are completely filled. Of course we accept pigeons that are already paid because they are included in the totals.

Payments sent before May 12th 2019 inclusive, we will still register and accept the pigeons. Pigeons from the 4th Collection of Pigeons, which took place on 9 - 12.5. 2019 and will be registered approximately until 15.5. 2019. Payments with date of dispatch 13.5. 2019 and later, we will return. Unfortunately, we have to. The capacity of the OLR Talent Quatro is given and cannot be increased. I hope you understand.

Now we must stabilize the last batch of pigeons to avoid any problems. On Wednesday 15.5. 2019, if it does not rain, let's go to flight part
No. II.. This will then be alternately released to flight with compartment part No.I. By the end of May all pigeons will be flying.

Stanislav Matuška




Name, Adresse, Telefon, E-Mail

Namen von Tauben * The name of the pigeons
Karten von Tauben * Card from a pigeon
Pedigrees von Tauben * Pedigree from pigeon

Transportgeld 5 €/St. für alle Tauben. * Transport 5 €/pcs for all the pigeons.

!!! Es ist Ihree Beförderung * It's your promotion !!!

Zahlungen nur in bar. Für eine Banküberweisung ist es zu spät.
Payments only in cash. It's too late for a bank transfer.


Středa * Mittwoch * Wednesday 8.5. 2019
Essen - privater Familienbesuch

Čtvrtek * Donnerstag * Thursday 9.5. 2019
Odjezd *Abfahrt * Departure Essen 09:00 hodin

Simonsz Henk..........................Arrival 13:30

Ploeg Bert...............................Arrival 14:45
Rijksweg 109
9422 CH Smilde
0031 592 860 694

Doldersum & Zn.......................Arrival 16:10
Akelei 14
7676 DC Westerhaar
0031 612 859 485

JM Vos....................................Arrival 18:30
Graafsebaan 15
5384 RS Heesch
0031 681 54 88 39


Pátek * Freitag * Friday 10.5. 2019
Odjezd *Abfahrt * Departure Holland 9:00 hodin

Frans Hermans........................Arrival 11:15
Burgemeester Lemmenstraat 21
9220 Moerzeke
0032 474 131 227

Geert Pollin.............................Arrival 13:00
Walbekestraat 24
8490 Jabbeke-Schnellegem
0032 472 51 26 68

Hotel – Restaurant Bodden......Zufahrt 18:30
Rebbelrother Strasse 14
51645 Gummersbach
0049 2261 95055


Sobota * Samstag * Saturday 11.5. 2019
Odjezd *Abfahrt * Departure Hotel Bodden um 9:00 Uhr

Karl Heinz Lang FCI Punkt.....Zufahrt 11:00
Am Fauerbacher Rain 2
35428 Langgöns
0049 640 39 02 70

Dieter Meissner.....................Zufahrt 16:00
Einsatzstelle RV Mainspitze
Igelweg 35
65428 Rüsselsheim
0049 1769 552 5002

Landgasthof Adler..................Zufahrt 19:00
Steinbacher Weg 4
74653 Künzelsau
0049 7940 92960


Neděle * Sonntag * Sunday 12.5. 2019
Odjezd *Abfahrt * Departure Landgasthof Adler um 9:00 Uhr

Steffl Martin - am 8:45 Uhr Martin bringt die Tauben vor Landgasthof
Steinhalde 4
74653 Künzelsau – Garnberg
0049 172 6460 533

Rupprecht Racing Pigeons.........Zufahrt 12:00
Huppendorf 35
96167 Königsfeld Deutschland
0049 9207 988 9074

Odjezd směr Česká republika Rozvadov
Departure in the direction of Czech Republic Rozvadov
Abfahrt nach Tschechische Republik Rozvadov

Konopík Jiří & Co......................Příjezd 15:00
Nová Hospoda
348 02 Bor

Kulík Přemysl...........................Příjezd 17:15
Ke Smíchovu 10/156 (náměstí p.Slavík)
154 00 Praha-Slivenec
00420 602 342 498

Dálnice Praha - Hradec Králové...Příjezd 18:30
Cca 1 km za výjezdem 35 na Poděbrady
je velké dálniční parkoviště s pumpou OMV
a prodejnou Mc Donald´s
Zde budou čekat p.Truksa a Zadražilovi

Marek Petr...............................Příjezd 19:00
50. km D11 pumpa + KFC

Šternberk OLR Talent Quatro......Příjezd 22:00

Vykládka holubů * Unloading pigeons
Konec svozu * End Collection* Ende Sammlung....23:00



Dear sports friends!
Getting to work on plans for collection of pigeons. So far, we have four terms.

5.4. - 7.4. 2019 Germany, Norway, Belgium, Netherland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic - along the route
6.4. 2019 Langgöns - Germany

19.4. - 20.4. 2019 Austria + Italy at Mr. Pietro Celli in Sala Bolognese
27.4. - 28.4. 2019 Moravia + Slovakia + Hungary

10.5. - 12.5. 2019 Germany, Norway, Belgium, Netherland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic - along the route
11.5. 2019 Langgöns - Germany

The plans will be refined.

Bohdana a Standa Matuska



The exhibitions in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia ended (12.1.) few days ago. Hereby, the sales of 2018 doves were finished and our OLR Talent Quatro enters the next year. We will calculate the shares from the auction sales within the next few days and send them to the original owners of the doves. This will definitely finish the year 2018.

As all of you know, I am recovering after the relatively serious disease that has caused various difficulties. But, all of them were solved, especially thanks to my wife Bohdana, with strong help of my daughter Bohdana and her husband Jiří and, of course, of my son Jan. I can Mohu state that we have managed to create and realise the auction in line with your comments. Also our Polish colleague created excellent pictures.

Now, the year 2019 is before us. What will be different? Concerning the training procedures and routes, they will remain, practically, the same. But, we have decided to increase the prizes at the same starting fee. The amount on the top places are not in question, we are speaking about the amounts for the winnings of shorter races and in the As-Dove Award.

1.000.000 CZK for

Hereby, we have reached the one million Czech crones threshold. This amount will be paid to the best of you. This is, surely, motivating. You can send your applications for 2019 just now. We will organise, at the same time, the Talent Quatro King Championship for the Czech and Slovak breeders. The first two winners were from Slovakia and this is a challenge for the Czech breeders.
Good luck in 2019

Bohdana and Standa Matuška