Dear friends,
I am happy to inform you that the 10th OLR Talent Quatro is extremely popular. As of January 20, 2023, we have received a number of applications that currently reaches our capacity.
In order to avoid any confusion, I would like to inform you that only a paid application form guarantees 100% acceptance. So keep an eye on the current payment status and make your arrangements accordingly.
Those of you who have paid their applications are highlighted in green. Click on Breeders & Pigeons on the top bar for more details.

Stanislav Matuska



Dear sports friends,
the auction shares from the sale of your pigeons have already been calculated. You will find them in your personal accounts. However, ten pigeons were missing documentation - pedigree, card or both. Here we followed the rules. The share was not calculated.

Take a look at your personal accounts and tell us what to do with the money. Whether we should send it to your bank (BIC IBAN) or keep it as the 2023 entry fee.

Stanislav Matuška
OLR Talent Quatro



Page 2023 is under construction. We are working on adding information. However, you can already apply for the 10th anniversary edition.

We will end 2022 on November 20, 2022 by calculating your auction shares. You will find the specific amounts in your personal accounts. You received your access passwords this summer. But don't forget to enter the year 2022 !!!

Talent Quatro Team