Dear sports friends,

please study the 2022 entry form. There are a few new things. The race schedule has been updated and it is one of the longest of all OLRs included in the FCI, now. The new SUPER ESO competition, calculated from the +300, +400 and +500 km races, will reveal very high quality pigeons indeed. This will be a different class!

This year's training and competition fees have been increased to 2500,-CZK, equivalent to 100 euro, for 1 pigeon. The prizes have been increased and the range of pigeons awarded has been extended. With the percentage of prizes paid out from the collected contributions, we are also among the best OLRs included in the FCI, if anyone achieves such a percentage at all. Our way of gradually improving the training and making it attractive to participants is apparently a good one, as after a few days we have half of the pigeon capacity reserved for 2022.

In the 2021 edition, there has been exceptional interest in participating in our One Loft Race Talent Quatro. We had to turn away nearly 400 pigeons and this led to some unpleasant conversations with the rejected candidates on several occasions. I apologize to them again, but we cannot "inflate" capacity.

So for the 2022 year we are forced to make some arrangements for the first time. These will involve us urging you to pay your dues as soon as possible. We cannot leave everything until the very end. The biggest unknown are the foreign participants from Germany, who do not book any pigeons in advance and decide spontaneously about their participation only during the spring pigeon collection. We would like to keep the number of pigeons delivered in this way to a minimum. Breeders who pay their contribution in a specific amount are 100% guaranteed to participate in the 2022 edition.

We will continue to improve our activities. In the function of Loft Manager, Mrs. Mgr. Bohdana Gruz has started. In 2021 we purchased a new Peugeot roller and thus greatly improved and simplified the transport of pigeons. The year 2022 will be marked by changes required by the new FCI management. This will see the rules and requirements for the transport of pigeons being followed and, above all, the integrity and fairness of the competitions held.

We want to demolish the current pigeon house and rebuild it in about three years. This time it will be made of lightweight brick and have a solid concrete base. This would include mechanical cleaning with belts, a new roof with windows to let more sunlight into the dovecote. Otherwise, we will not change the system in any major way, as previous years show that our facility is good and the pigeons like it. However, the exact date of the reconstruction depends on the prices of building materials, as these have increased dramatically in the Czech Republic recently.

Stanislav Matuška