On Saturday, July 3, we completed the allocation of electronic rings to all young pigeons present. The first race will take place in a few days.
Rather, the control of the electronic system in the OLR Talent Quatro complex. Then the program will follow according to plan.
We wish you much success.

Bohdana and Standa Matuska


Dear sport friends,
2020 is going slowly to its end and many of us begin to evaluate, how it was actually. New phenomena – covid 19 – entered into our lives very soon after the New Year’s Eve parties. All were surprised unpleasantly. We saw the pictures from China in TV, where the people died on a large scale, where new, bulky hospitals were built. Warning news came from Italy after short time. The borders were closed in the Europe; the soldiers were on guard there. Orders, bans, closing of restaurants, shops and of all possible followed. Of course, this new situation influenced also the activity in Talent Quatro. The first transport of doves vie FCI were cancelled, we had to continue individually. It was not easy situation, but, in the end, we were successful, with short delay, and OLR Talent Quatro was full.

Today, we can declare that the year 2020 was one of the most simple from the point of view of the healthy situation of our doves. In fact, no more serious problem occurred. It was the kind of reward for our stress caused just by the covid. All restrictions were cancelled at the end of April and the race season could start in full extent. 2020 was very rainy and from this reason, it was difficult to find the dates of start. But we overcame also this obstacle. The date of final race was near and we heard information about new wave of the covid-19 infection. Hungary closed the border since 1st September. But, we were ready this time and were able to realise the race from Hungarian city Nagykanisza on 5th September and the final race from Croatian city Vrpolje on 15th September. All’s well that ends well.

The old year 2020 ends within few days and we will expect the year 2021. The second covid-19 wave influences fully our lives; we are experiencing again the extraordinary measures, sometimes more strength, sometimes milder. The entire activity is influenced by our invisible enemy. The time is going very quickly, the solstice comes soon and it is the first, shy signal of coming spring. How will it be? Our only hope is the vaccination. Few vaccines are just before their authorisation and they will be available at the beginning of 2021. In some states sooner, in some later. We, breeder of doves, know the efficiency of vaccination programmes and protect our feathered friend for couple of years. It will be very good, if we our experiences transform in our civil life, as only the vaccination can return entire our activities back to normal.

What will be the year 8?
Of course, we do not have the answer to this question. But, we will follow our experiences. The trainings of young doves will be led sensitively, with slow increasing of distances. The young organism has to have enough time to adapt itself to new tasks. It is a system proved by praxis and we were successful with it in the past. “Practice makes perfect”, says the known saying. We follow it and will follow it in the season 2021 too.

We wish much success to you.

Bohdana a Stanislav Matuška